Leverage No Matter the Market

Real Estate Buyers – Tips That Will Work for You
Helping Buyers – Seller Tips Turned on Their Head

There are lots and lots of Real Estate Buying tips out there and information to be had. There are also tips for Real Estate Sellers to make their property more attractive and sell quicker by making it more alluring and easier for the potential buyer.

As a Buyer the two basic tips that are usually given are: take an informed detached look at finances and cost to determine affordability. And the other, take a step back and examine how your lifestyle and plans mesh with the location to determine livability. The Do Not’s – “Do not base livability on the floor plan.” And, “Do not base affordability just on the amount of money a lender is willing to give you.”

As a Seller the two basic tips that are usually given are: “Become emotionally detached from your home; it’s not your home anymore, it’s your property.” And the other, “Be flexible in the deal details, such as move-out dates, offer transferable warranty and alternative financing.”

As a Buyer in a market that is tight, or inventory low, or your dream house has competing offers – you still have leverage and can do something other Buyers aren’t, or even may not have thought of: Use Real Estate Seller tips on the Sellers!

As a Buyer to get your offer accepted above all others, be flexible in the deal details. Minimize the Seller’s headaches; make it easier to sell to you. Have financing in place that’s attractive to the Seller—a pre-approved loan from a reliable lender, or a larger down payment. If you can close on the seller’s schedule, say so. With financing in place, you can move quickly, or giving them a few extra weeks, it’s a small thing for you that will be a big thing for them, and tip things in your favor.

Appeal to the Seller’s Emotions. The thing that is hardest for Sellers to do is become emotionally detached from their home. They know they should, and it makes perfect sense. Yet, as a Real Estate Agent, we see it all the time how their taste, decor, and presence in a property never leave, or are the last things to go. It’s not playing dirty pool to tug at their heartstrings. Most Sellers want their home to go to ‘Good People’ and don’t want to sell to Investors “who don’t care.” Don’t be timid, put in writing what the house already means to you, and the warm future you see in it. Still feel it might be unfair to make an emotional appeal? What do you think they’re doing to you during Open House Visits with all that room staging, cinnamon boiling, and/or cookie baking?

Buyer leverage no matter the market or situation: Use Real Estate Seller tips on the Sellers! Eliminate Sellers potential headaches and give them a pluck on the old heartstrings.

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