We Just Installed Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Plank Flooring—Here’s How it Turned Out

peel-and-stick flooring
We’re always looking for easy DIY strategies to upgrade our properties. I recently tested out peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring and wanted to share the product review with you.

Here’s the backstory: we own a two-family home just outside of Minneapolis. The tenants recently moved out and when I did a walkthrough of the property, I couldn’t help but stare at the ugly vinyl flooring in the kitchen. The property was built in the 50s, so this isn’t the original flooring – but it was ugly nonetheless.

My first thought as I looked at the flooring was how silly it was for me not to replace the vinyl flooring when we redid the kitchen not too long ago. It would have made sense to do it all at once. Whoops!

But once I got done kicking myself, I had an idea: Someone recently told me about how happy they were with the vinyl flooring they just installed at one of their properties. It had a sticky backing that made installation a breeze, and (as an added bonus) the end product was water resistant – making it great for kitchen floors. I started to wonder if I should do something similar.

I decided to take a trip down to Lowes to check out my options.

Interestingly, it was in the tile aisle that I found what I was looking for: a 6” x 36” peel-and-stick rustic residential vinyl plank. I loved the colors and by the looks of it, it seemed easy enough to install. My husband and I are both pretty handy—I figured we could install it together to save some time and money.  A DIY home improvement is always one of my favorites!

So I purchased two boxes of the vinyl planks (which totaled $117.60) and a box cutter and was on my way. Time to give it a whirl!

Of course, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected.

When I showed up at the house with my supplies and opened the directions, I realized I had missed a rather important step: prepping the floors with primer. I have enough experience that I should have thought of this in advance, but in my defense – the box didn’t mention anything about priming the floors. A little heads up would have been nice because this meant that I had to send my husband back down to Lowes. (I also had forgotten to buy a weighted roller, but fortunately my husband had one handy from when he installed the formica countertops last year.)

We were in good shape once we had all of the proper tools and supplies. My husband used a sponge roller to prime the existing vinyl floors. It only took him about 20 minutes to get it done. That’s all we could do today because the primer needs to dry for at least 24 hours, and you’re supposed to give the floors 48 hours to acclimate.

But…I’m not known for my patience…. So the next day we went back the next day to install the floors.

Installation was so much easier than I had expected! You just peel off the paper backing and set the tile up against the trim (we decided not to remove the trim). Installing the first row was a piece of cake. My niece even joined in and had fun sitting on the floor as we were installing it!

IMG_2962.JPGpeel-and-stick review 1


We wanted the floor to have a staggered look, so we cut the next row in half and started with smaller piece. It turned out great!


It took us about 4 hours in total (and that builds in a little extra time that we spent making sure our favorite little toddler wasn’t getting into things!). Don’t rush the process. Take time to make the proper cuts and align the peel-and-stick boards properly.

When all was said and done, we were thrilled with how the floors turned out! The peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring was so easy to install and we’ll absolutely use this product again on future products.

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