How to Pressure Wash and Stain a Fence [DIY Video]

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It’s that time of year when Minnesota residents are preparing their backyards for summer fun! As we learned last weekend, one of the most burdensome outdoor tasks can be pressure washing and staining a wooden fence. (Hint: It really makes a huge difference if you rent the right equipment and do it properly the first time around!) Learn from our struggle by following this simple DIY guide that shows you how to pressure wash and stain a fence properly.

After pressure washing and staining our fence the WRONG way the first time around, we watched a number of YouTube videos to show us how to do it the right way. We found this video the most helpful. In the video, someone by the name of “The Idaho Painter” shows us the best technique to pressure wash and re-stain an outdoor wooden fence.

DIY Video: How to Pressure Wash and Stain a Fence

As you’ll see, The Idaho Painter takes a grey mildewed fence to a beautiful, new looking fence that any Twin Cities homeowner would be proud of. All it took was a 4000 psi pressure washer with a rotating nozzle. The rotating nozzle rotates and spins and actually strips and tears wood off, making the underlying surface look brand new. It’s a process that takes some time. You literally have to walk the fence and pressure wash one picket at a time. But once  you peel back the surface of the fence, the fence will be ready for its brand new coat of stain and then you’re through half the battle.

When it comes time to stain the fence, The Idaho Painter tells us why it’s important to stain moving from top to bottom versus side to side. He shows how to get rid of any streak marks, and ways you can help the stain absorb into the wooden fence.

This is a short video, only 10 minutes — but it’s absolutely worth the time! Follow these DIY tips and tricks to ensure you’ll have the best looking fence in the entire neighborhood! Who would have thought a pressure wash and stain could actually be so easy?

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