Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Bring Your NYE Hosts

We had just gotten on the road last year when it donned on me that I didn’t pick up anything for my friends who were hosting New Year’s Eve. I know they wouldn’t care, but to me – it would be rude to show up empty handed! I racked my brain for last-minute gift ideas for the hostess. To spare you the same panic, here’s a look at what I came up with:

last-minute thanksgiving 1
Not everyone loves red or white wine, but a bottle of bubbly always seems to please. Champagne is a good old standby when it comes to last-minute gift ideas — particularly on New Year’s Eve! There’s never enough champagne at a celebratory dinner (in my opinion!). Have your significant other prepare a toast.

Fancy sparking soda
last-minute thanksgiving 2
If your hosts don’t drink, or if there will already be plenty of alcohol flowing, opt for fancy sparking soda. One of our favorites is the Blood Orange Italian Soda from Whole Foods.

An herb bouquet
last-minute thanksgiving 3
Confession – this was not our own idea. We stole it from someone else because we loved it so much. Instead of bringing flowers, give herbs instead. Bundle together the contents of packages of rosemary, thyme and sage, plunk into a small mason jar or tie with a ribbon. Any host will be glad to have herbs on hand throughout the New Year! A thoughtful and creative last-minute gift idea.

Specialty chocolate
last-minute thanksgiving 4
We have this great craft chocolatier near our house, so I stopped in to grab a few bars before we hit the road. The cocoa is so unbelievably rich and offers a unique taste. I picked up a few kinds, including a spicy flavored chocolate and a coffee-infused chocolate.

Triple-cream cheese
last-minute thanksgiving 5
Any good quality cheese is a must during the holidays. We love giving Saint-Andre or another rich, buttery triple-crème. My friends who were hosting us usually opt for the classic cheeses, so this spices things up. Crackers optional, but always appreciated. If not used during your New Year’s Eve meal, they’ll be used at a later date.

Rich, creamy vanilla ice cream
last-minute thanksgiving 6
You’ll want to pick this up closer to your destination so it doesn’t melt. But think back for a minute: how many times did someone bake a delicious pie but had no ice cream?! It’s a sin. A great last-minute gift idea is a pint of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream. Like the cheese and crackers, if it doesn’t get eaten that day, it’ll get eaten sometime shortly thereafter.

I’m sure there are other creative ideas that we missed. But you’re running tight on time, so these are a few of the simplest choices. Pack these last-minute gift ideas for hosts now and avoid the last-minute scramble!

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