5 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Being Thankful

At times life feels like a roller coaster. Ups and downs, twists and turns! But despite the challenges that come our way, there is so much we’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect upon our blessings. These 5 thankfulness activities are a fun way to get the kids engaged and help them realize all of the things they’re thankful for, too.

Thankfulness Tree
thankfulness activities 1

We love this idea because the final product can stick around (no pun intended!) long after the holidays are over. Grab some sticks in your backyard and assemble into a vase. Then use colorful construction paper to cut out leaves. Each night at dinner, have everyone in your family write down something they’re thankful for and by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll have a beautiful, blossoming tree that reminds us that life is good. See more via Meaningful Mama.

Gratitude Activity Jar
thankfulness activities 2

You know what they say… actions speak louder than words! Have your children write down what they’re thankful for, then pair each item with an activity. For instance: thankful for daddy? An activity might be to do something nice for daddy. Thankful for books?  Maybe we’ll visit the library. Put each of the activity cards into the jar and over the next few weeks, pull one out for a new adventure! Check out some of the other activities that Inner Child Fun came up with for their jar!

Thankfulness Collage Placemat
thankfulness activities 3

Pull together some pictures of all the things you and your children are thankful for. Print them out and build a collage that can be turned into a placemat. You can use these placemats during Thanksgiving, of course. You can also save them and use them all year long! Each year, have the kids help you build new placemats for everyone. It’ll be a daily reminder of all your blessings! See more via Meaningful Mama.

Bear Says Thanks Sensory Bin
thankfulness activities 4

For all the hands-on children out there, here’s a great project to learn the meaning of thankfulness. Print out the pictures of Bear and friends. Then glue the animals to popsicle sticks for instant puppets. Place into a cup or bowl, fill with dried beans and voila – a sensory bin! As you read Bear Says Thanks, have your child pull out different sticks for each animal. It will keep him entertained through the whole book! Read more via Little Bins for Little Hands.

Easy Thankful Turkey Craft
thankfulness activities 5

Not feeling super creative? We’ve got a project that even a turkey can do! Just trace your kids’ hands for the good old hand-shaped turkey craft – it never gets old! Glue on paper feathers and have children write something they’re thankful for on each. Don’t forget to date the back so you can see how the hands have grown, and thankfulness evolves, over time! Learn more at the Kids Activity Blog.

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