Create On-the-Go Booster Seats for Your Kids

Toddler Booster Seat in 2 Sizes and with a Carry Handle

Today’s featured home sewing activity is brought to you by our friends at Sew4Home. Enjoy these booster seats — we know your children will! 

Booster chairs are becoming more familiar in restaurants, but are still not commonplace. And if you and your kids like to visit friends and family who don’t have children at home, you’re unlikely to have many options other than the classic phone book to boost your child to table height. But wait a minute… who still has a big phone book?!! It’s time to make your own portable booster seats in cute, wipe-clean laminated cotton with a sturdy yet lightweight Project Foam core, a resilient, affordable home décor foam option from Fairfield.

We used two foam thicknesses for our samples: 5″ and 3″. Project Foam is soft yet supportive and very easy to cut and shape. The available sizes are smartly designed to work well for a variety of projects.

booster seats

Because toddlers are known for the amazing messes they are capable of creating, we made our boosters with a removable cover. The top is a single layer of laminate, but the bottom has an envelope opening so you can remove the foam block if you need a more thorough cleaning.

booster seats 2

We used two laminates for our booster seat samples to make surface clean-up fast and easy. If you’re new to working with this substate, take a look at our tutorial for helpful tips and tricks: Successful Sewing With Laminated Cottons (And Other Sticky Stuff).

It may go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: these boosters are not for babies nor a replacement for a child who still needs a highchair. Use them only for toddlers and young children capable of sitting and balancing on their own.

We’ve made our samples with kids in mind, but these boosters would be great for anyone who needs a little extra height or cushioning on a hard, dining room chair.

Our boosters finish at approximately 12″ x 12″ x 3″ and 12″ x 12″ x 5″.

Instructions, Sewing Tools and More!

Learn how to create the booster seats here, courtesy of Liz Johnson, editor of Sew4Home. These step by step instructions will make the process a breeze!

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