Indoor Kids Activity: Watercolor Art with Markers

Scratching your head for ways to keep your young kids busy these days? We know the feeling. After all, you can only make snow angels outside for so long with Minnesota’s subzero temperatures! In our search for fun indoor activities, we recently came across this fun project on the Kids Activities Blog: watercolor art made with markers. There’s a good chance you already have all of the supplies on hand, making this a great activity for your little Picasso.

Allow your child to draw on the watercolor paper using the markers. Any design works — scribbles, shades of solid colors. We found that creating colors close together made more colorful watercolor art than elaborate designs.

watercolor art

Once your marker drawing is done, lay the paper on a flat surface and spray with water. Allow to sit and dry, watching the colors run as your new artwork is created!

Want to get in on the watercolor art action? This is a great activity for adults to do with their kids. Get creative with more complicated designs like the one below. These birds are just beautiful!

Want more? Check out these 8 other kids painting ideas, also courtesy of the Kids Activities Blog.

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