Millennialapolis Goes Boom(er)

The Twin Cities have been getting quite a lot of buzz lately and for good reason. Nineteen (19) of the Fortune 500 companies are here. The Twin Cities have an abundance of…


How to buy smart in the Twin Cities

With confidence in the housing market being on the rise, and real estate buying and selling in our area being the most active in years. All trends going up, including the anticipation…


Springtime Deals In The Twin Cities

Spring Time Real Estate Buyers are making their Move Ah, Spring – a time when a person’s fancy turns to thoughts of…buying a home? In the Spring of 2015 in Twin Cities…


Misconceptions About VA Loans

The biggest misunderstanding first – maybe the grand-daddy of them all – the VA Home Loan programs must be filled with bureaucracy, red tape, and form after form. The actual truth: It…

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Minnesota Homebuyers: How to Qualify for a Home Loan

Those following the news in recent months are probably well…

How to Lower Your Utility Bills this Summer

Minnesota homeowners, beware. As summer approaches and the temperature rises,…


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