2016 Gift Guide for Fashion Lovers

If you’re anything like us, you have that one person that’s impossible to shop for: the fashion lover. It’s the person who’s trendier than us all. They have all the “it” items already. The struggle is real! To make it easier, here’s your 2016 gift guide for fashion lovers, courtesy of our friends at Novella:

The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

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Filled with tips straight from the iconic couturier himself, the Little Dictionary of Fashion is the fashion lifestyle guide that every fashion aficionado needs this holiday season. Whether you need tips on what to wear to certain events or how to walk with poise and grace, Monsieur Dior has you covered from A to Z in this fantastic pocket guide.

l’Occitane En Provence: Cherry Blossom
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Sometimes designer isn’t always the way to go if you’d like a unique gift for the holiday season. If you’re looking for a particular fragrance that isn’t already sitting on everyone’s beauty vanity, it’s often better to aim for more niche perfumeries as opposed to the big names. Cherry Blossom by l’Occitane En Provence is the perfect scent to accompany a chilly winter day. With the soft and delicate aroma of cherry blossom, freesia, lily of the valley, and more, this scent manages to combine the sweetness of spring, with the delicateness of a soft winter snowfall.

Louis Vuitton Twist Cross-Body Bag, Cruise 2016
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Louis Vuitton is known for making some of the most amazing — and the most expensive — bags in the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that one of the most coveted bags comes from this years Louis Vuitton Cruise Show. Nicolas Ghesquiere took the already coveted Louis Vuitton twist and injected a fresh aquatic spirit into the bag, making it all the more desirable for this coming summer.

Pat McGrath Labs: Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit

After years of begging and pleading, fashion heavyweight Pat McGrath has released an opulent makeup collection inspired by all things shiny and excessive. With colors ranging from gold to copper, McGrath has created an eyeshadow so rich and pigmented that it takes on a life of its own.

Gucci Metallic Leather Pumps in Platinum
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Every holiday outfit calls for the perfect shoe, and this year Gucci delivered. This platinum leather fringed pump is the perfect shoe for the holiday season. Whether you need a subtle pop of bling for the office or a bright flash of sparkle for a night out, this pump will surely have you covered.

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Starring a young Angelina Jolie, this biopic about 80’s supermodel Gia Caragni is a drastic change from the fashion related movies we’re used to. Following her iconic rise and fall within the fashion industry, Gia dives deeper into the world of fashion and asks some very serious questions regarding fame, love, and success.

The Fashion Book
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As one of the most iconic and beloved coffee table books in fashion, the Fashion Book is the perfect gift for the curious fashionista. Filled to the brim with information regarding the best designers and brands in the industry, it’s no wonder this book has been dubbed “the fashion bible” by Vogue magazine.

Read on for more gift ideas for the fashion lovers in your life.

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